4 ways to send money without effort

With the surge in the number of businesses that have moved their services to the Internet, there are now multiple online-based ways to transfer money without the need for much effort or time. Now, with only a couple clicks on a computer, or a few swipes and taps on a smartphone, sending and receiving money is a breeze, and only takes a fraction of the time compared to other methods before. Therefore, if you want to send money without a hitch, keep reading and find out 4 ways you can do it without the extra effort or time needed.

The best way you can send money online is, of course, with online mobile payment services. Due to their great availability via mobile apps, these peer-to-peer (P2P) services are the most flexible and reliable ways you can send money domestically or internationally, without question. They allow you to even send money without the need of a bank account. Send funds more easily by choosing the right payment solution. Popular picks like PayPal and Venmo are rated highly amongst millions of users, but other smaller services like Paxum are no sneezing matter either.

Magnifying glass with money.


PayPal is one of the most flexible and popular online services, with over 392 million active users over 200 different countries, and supports around 25 types of currencies. PayPal is not only great for shopping and paying bills online, it’s also great for sending and receiving money almost instantly. Even more, aside from certain transactions, PayPal also doesn’t have extra charges when sending to another PayPal account, saving you the headache of dealing with exorbitant fees.


If you’re planning to send money overseas and want a fast and reliable service, then consider WorldRemit. Supporting over 130 countries, WorldRemit allows international transfers to be completed within 24 hours, regardless of where someone lives in the world. The app is easy to use, and offers various ways to send money safely and securely. 


WesternUnion is an especially great money-sending service that allows you to send money to various cities, states, or even countries. With over 42,000 branches all over the world, WesternUnion is an easy and accessible way to send money internationally, especially for people who don’t have bank accounts or e-wallets.


Paxum is a relatively smaller P2P e-wallet payment service, but is no slouch either. Paxum offers its services to both personal and business accounts, and allows you to send money to other Paxum users for only $0.25. Its fast, reliable, and secure system, as well as the cheap transfer fees, makes Paxum a service to consider when sending money to others.

In Conclusion

The Internet has made all of our lives easier in a multitude of ways, including the way we send money to others, be it domestically or internationally. And with the rise of online mobile payment services came multiple ways to easily send money without much hassle or effort. So take advantage of these services, and send money to your loved ones without pushing yourself too hard.